Saturday, November 22, 2008

Finally Back...

After my laptop died, I did not have internet at home. The only way I could check my email or be on the internet was by going down to Ford's shop. I just never wanted to take the time to blog down there so that is why there has been a two month lapse in blogging. But I'm back on now, so let the posting begin! My only handicap now is that I don't have a connection for my camera so there won't be pictures until I make a trip to Wal-Mart. And I'm dying to get it because I have a beautiful picture of all seven kids when they were all here a few weeks ago and I can't wait to post it.

Well, for the moment, life is settled down a bit. We have become used to having Pris away at college, but I bet we might win the prize of the "most visiting family" up there. She's been home quite a bit too. What can we say? We have no defense except we love and miss her. Kezzi has been busy trying to get a job. I bet she's applied to twenty places locally. The economy is definitely being felt by her. The younger four are busy with school and play. Hope and Abel are spending a lot of time at play practice getting ready for opening night, which is the day after Thanksgiving. Hope spends almost every spare minute at her keyboard writing music and singing. Pris has a friend at school who is going to help get a little clip recorded and up on youtube or something like that. We'll post a link here when that happens.

I'll try to start putting my thoughts into blogable format and get back on track.