Thursday, June 28, 2007

I Have Caved

So, I have finally given in and caved in to the library's summer reading program. I had a long climb down to get off my educational-philosophy-high-horse. I had always hated the idea of offering children bribes to read. The story should be reward enough, I contended. Then came The Boys. They never want to read. They would rather be outside playing, exploring, investigating...anything besides reading.
So we signed up. Every so many pages they get to go in and spin a wheel for a prize. The prizes range from ice cream cones to getting to choose a free book from the designated shelf. So far it's working. The boys are reading more and keeping a count of their pages. The very next day after signing up they had read enough to spin the wheel. One got an ice cream cone coupon and the other won a coupon for free breadsticks at Dominoes. Annalise is participating too and was happy with her pencil and ruler set.
We are off again today to spin again.

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