Saturday, October 27, 2007

Everybody Dies Famous in a Small Town

Priscilla just played me a country song that was something like the title of this post. We laughed over it because it sounds like our small town. We have a segment of the population of our area who seem to thrive on rumors. I guess it gets old cruising around the new Wal-Mart Supercenter. And the older crowd must get bored with their lives too. Might I suggest more great literature? A hobby of some kind?

With Michael and Candace's elopement we thought we would keep a list of rumors - just for kicks. They get so wild around here that it makes for something to laugh about. We have to laugh, or we might cry. It's scary what some people will believe without verification. Are we surprised that our country's media has so much influence? No. We see how easily the blind follow the blind all the time. Others have trouble repeating a story accurately. Maybe they should take to heart Charlotte Mason's way of learning to tell the truth - narration. (I just knew I could tie homeschooling in here somehow.)

Recently, someone we met told us they were talking to someone whom we had never heard of before, and this stranger to our family asked if we were the ones with the daughter who was excommunicated. Excommunicated from what, we were not sure. Our family? A church? Don't know. Have no idea how that one came about. Candace called the other night and asked if I knew where the rumor that Michael scared her into marrying him came from. Again, I have no idea. Who knows what will come next. It's never dull for long around here. We try to be thankful that we can keep people so entertained. Maybe talking about us keeps them from wasting brain cells on time with the television. We can always hope.

5 comments: said...

Haha thats amazingly TRUE lol!!! I died reading this!!! I like laughing at all the stupid crazy things people say instead of letting them hurt:).

Anonymous said...

I have a solution-move to Mo, it's the Show Me State and no one believes anyone without proof!! (Well that may be stretching it, but people do tend to leave others alone here and not jump on the bandwagon so much!)
Mr S said to tell you we started the rumor, we told his nephew in IN who had a cousin in AR who told his third cousin once removed in TN, so, there you have it! Always bear in mind the painting by Norman Rockwell of the "gossips", what a true picture, although today you could add blogs, facebook, cell phones, and text messaging to the picture!
Have a great day, who knows what news may come your way!
Mrs. H2O

Anonymous said...

People can definitely talk! You know, a wedding is really a day of making memories, but it does not define a marriage or a life together. I continue to pray for Candace and her husband...pray many, many, many blessings upon their lives and that they will seek God fervantly. Bless all of you. Hope to continue getting updates on the couple and your whole family. Love hearing about each of you and am often compelled to pray for you.

Tim's Mom said...

It's like Jane Austen said, "For what do we live, but to make sport for our neighbours, and laugh at them in our turn?" People will soon move on to some new subject to talk about, and things will settle down to normal.

Anonymous said...

I'm glad you were there to set them straight. You did set then straight, right? Poor things!

They can't help what was told to them, and invitaions and then recantation causes quite a stir. I'm sure that if you had heard about it in your small town--and bless your heart-- it wasn't you, you probably would have passed on some things yourself to save someone from driving all the way to the "big city" to go to the wedding.

Minus the fact that you saved someone else from being "talked" about. Aren't you glad for that? Count yourself lucky today that you are the source of gossip. You saved someone else!

You talked about Candace calling you, are you okay with the elopement? you never did say.