Monday, November 19, 2007

Some Recent Art from the Girls

Kezzi completed this piece after starting it in her oil painting class where they had to choose a photograph to paint. We were all "wowed" by it. We stood before it expecting her to look up and open her eyes any second. Priscilla drew this portrait of a little girl in Kenya after her visit there. She was especially touched by this girl because she was only seven years old but she carried her little brother everywhere and cared for him constantly.

This is Priscilla's picture that she started in the oil painting class and finished here at home.

Hope has neglected her art but has been very busy with music. After receiving a new keyboard for her birthday, she has been regularly working at composing songs. She is enjoying her music and voice lessons very much. And I hear tale of a new Christmas carol in the works.
I can't express how much fun it is to live with all of this wonderful creativity!


Strider said...

how come you guys got all the talent and the good looks?? It's not fair!!

Donna-Jean said...

Thank you for posting these pictures - they are beautiful!

MomToCherubs said...


God Bless.

daisyblend said...