Friday, June 13, 2008

A Wonderful Vacation...Part 3

One day we came in and visited the Audubon Swamp Garden even though it was a sweltering 100 degree day.

On our last day we checked out of the resort and headed back to Charleston. We took a tour across the Charleston Harbor and out to Fort Sumter.
Here is a picture of what remains of the fort. It was not nearly as impressive as the pictures of it back during the Civil War. It was still interesting to see the place but I didn't take a lot of great pictures, because once again it was a hot, hot day.


the {{screaming *penguin}} said...

hi mamalion! it's been a while!
whose idea was it to vaca while half the fam was gone?

MamaLion said...

Hey, guy.

Actually, it was only 1/4 of the family gone. :) The vacation was planned without realizing it was the WV dates. But it was our only choice anyway if we wanted to go to the beach. Bummer, I know.