Saturday, February 14, 2009

The Year I Learned to Love Winter

This time of year is full of people longing for spring. This is the first February in my life that does not find me anxious for spring. In fact, I am a little sad to see winter go.

A funny thing happened to me this year, I have learned to love winter.

There is no other season when a book, a hot cup of coffee and a blanket are so inviting. It is much easier to hold my kids' attention when the warm, sunny outdoors is not calling to them. They tend to ask for one more chapter more often in the winter. This is something I have always loved about the season, but it has never been enough to outweigh spring fever.

I think the key this year has been learning to love the outdoors in winter. I have learned to love going for walks in the crisp air. I found out that with a hat, gloves and maybe layers, I can be very comfortable outdoors so I am not deprived of fresh air. The leaves are all gone and it is easier to see things that are normally hidden. There is not so much going on in nature that is vying for my attention out there on my walks but there is still plenty to notice. It is quieter outside with most people holed up indoors. The garden does not need to be weeded. The lawn does not need to be mowed. Even though many things may look dead, they are not. They are simply resting. I've learned to enjoy that restful look.

This view of our field is one of my favorite winter scenes.
Update: I meant to give credit to the Handbook of Nature Study blog for being a big part of inspiring me to notice the great outdoors this winter. Thanks Barb!


3'sacharm said...

And I love the fact you are taking me on the journey with you!! :)
You open my eyes every Monday we meet!

Barb-Harmony Art Mom said...


Thank you for giving back to me a special gift this evening. I too have learned to love winter this year and hearing your expression and that I had even the least little part in encouraging you has made my whole week.

Thanks for making sure I had your link so I could come over and read your post.

Barb-Harmony Art Mom

Lori said...

You have shocked your sister as I saw you wandering around in the cold drizzle with mud up to your knees, but your cheeks looked so rosy and your eyes so bright it almost made me want to join you.