Friday, March 19, 2010


Meet our new Great Pyrenees puppy, Jack. His name on the papers will be Stonewall Jackson because we are hoping he will be a stone wall around the property, keeping stray dogs away from our chickens. He's already a moose at eight weeks!

The first day, Pal would not let him come near but now they sleep close together. I can not find Pal's papers but I know we got him when Luke was about four years old. Luke will be sixteen this summer so Pal has got to be about twelve years old. We figured it was time to get a new protector raised up because Pal has not been up to his job lately. He has been such an awesome dog for so many years that we wanted our new dog to meet him and hopefully Jack will realize that he has big shoes to fill.

We have only had Jack a week but he is already so attached to us. He sticks very close to the front porch and sometimes whines at the door for us to come out and be with him. The boys sleep with him every night. When I go out and sit down on the porch, he climbs up in my lap like a little lap dog. This ought to be interesting in a few more weeks when he is quite a bit bigger!

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