Tuesday, July 05, 2005

A New Venture

We are starting out on a new adventure of blogging. I'm sure it will be interesting since we are not the most computer literate family! Hopefully this will be a way our friends and extended family can keep tabs on us and an avenue for all of us to learn to creatively express ourselves with our written language.

Our name, Shadybrook Acres, comes from the name the kids gave our property that we purchased 10 years ago in beautiful eastern Tennessee. At the base of our hill runs a shady brook that has seen many an afternoon of fun and adventure. This has been the central place of memorable outdoor activity for our 7 children from crawdad catching to panning for gold. From the top of our hill you can see the beautiful Appalachian Mountains. Ten years ago we stood on this land and imagined a dream; now we are living it.

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