Thursday, July 07, 2005

Blackberry Picking

Tonight, after days of prodding from Mr. Potts (aka Dad) most of us went blackberry picking on the back side of our hill, which is covered with blackberries. Mr. Potts walks over the hill every day when he comes home for lunch and, like Sal in Blueberries For Sal, he munches along the way. Tonight was a perfect night because the remains of tropical storm Cindy brought us cooler weather. Normally, I am not to be found participating in any non-water outdoor activity in July. My born-and-bred-in-Michigan blood just doesn't tolerate the heat well. But tonight, being cooler than normal, seemed like a good night to honor Mr. Potts wishes.

Since it was a sporadic decision to go picking, I went along in my shorts, t-shirt, and Chaco sandals. I thought I was dumb until I saw SmokeyBear wearing just soccer shorts! Yes, he was wading through masses of prickly blackberry bushes with bare feet and a bare chest! Tigger was not much better off with just shorts and a t-shirt and no shoes.

TheLittlestPrincess kept running up and down calling everyone to come see the big berries she had found. Together we picked twenty cups, eight of which we used to make a delicious cobbler, and the rest are in the freezer. Mr. Potts took Tigger and TheLittlestPrincess to town to get some vanilla ice cream because you just can't eat cobbler without it!

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