Wednesday, August 03, 2005

ffjjddkk ffrr jjuu ffrrjjuu ...Etc.

Wow! I'm so excited about this family blog. I love to write, especially when I know that it will be read, and I'm pretty much a looser when it comes to typing.... SO.... now I have great incentive to write therefore I will get lots of typing practice!!! The main reason for my looserness is that I rarely tortured myself by spending countless, dull hours on our typing program. Oh I was dutiful at first but typing..... aa;; ssll ddkk ffjj ..... Etc. for so long turns my brain to mush and makes me grouchy, especially when my eyeballs start going in circles and my behind starts melting into the chair. It's never made sense to me but my sister, PearlKeeper, never seemed to have these symptoms. She would merrily type away at those nonsense words making better scores all the time. CONGRATULATIONS! you typed ... ffjjddkk ffrr jjuu ffrrjjuu ... etc. at 56 word per minute. This seemed to make her happy, in a very discontented way, and she would try again to beat her own score. "Well," I thought "she can have her fun and be the best typist in all of typedom. It's all good to me... I'm going to write in my journal." Anyway I am excited for this typing practice. It makes me put some thought into my writing. People can actually read it!!! I pray it makes you, o reader, smile, laugh, cry or at least helps you to have a true understanding of the thoughts that I attempt to convey to you. I must go now. MamaLion needs my help and she is telling me that I'm taking too long. I know what she is thinking since it has been stated to me more than once "If only you would practice like your sister." :)
Till next time!!!!!!!

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