Monday, August 08, 2005

Poetic Narration on Albert Marrin's Stalin

A Child of Hell

A child of hell was born to man
Akin to mud
He would follow Satan's dream
With hellish laughter his eyes would gleam
For he'd make all demons scream
For love of blood

He ruled the land of Russia
With only death
He had no heart at all
Starved his people, made them crawl
Made them cannibals, else they fall
With dying breath

He never let his people
Vote or choose
For only he knew what was right
And disagree if you might
But you'd die because he'd fight
For his views

Who was this living terror
With ready gun?
Stalin was his horrid name
He mocked God and held no shame
And tortured Christians for a game
He thought was fun

In torrents fell a river
Of Heaven's tears
And the earth, it cringed and quivered
And begged to be delivered
From this man of blood, it shivered,
Through these years

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