Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Attack of the Potts!!!

Every morning it happens. I could rehearse it in my sleep. "Kids", MamaLion says the night before, "You have to be upstairs by 7:00."

"All right", we all say in a tone that is less than cheerful. It's funny how many answer and how few actually hear her. It's also interesting that we have so many defective alarms in our house. Maybe its all Walmart's fault. Whoever is fully responsible for the case of the sleeping children we shall never know and there seems to be no solution to the problem. Morning rolls around, 7:00 chimes in, then 7:05 then 7:15........What happens next is inevitable . MamaLion gets mad "Run for cover!!!" (but don't run for the covers, it only makes things worse!) Then there are the excuses, followed by grouchy children which makes for a dreadful day. So the cycle continues, until one day when Daddy Potts has a rather noisy idea!!!........

I wake up 10 min. before 7:00 and decide to get a shower. I smile to myself. I am the only one up so there will be no competition for the shower. I creep very quietly into the bathroom, careful not to waken any possible rivals. Success! Minutes later, while drying my hair, I think to myself "Hmmm, everyone must still be asleep." It's the one time when one can enjoy peace and quiet in a house of nine pe.........Clang! Clang!! Crash!!! Bang!!!! Bam!!!!! Bash!!!!!! "GOOD MORNING GIRLS!" declares Daddy Potts in a cheerful but thundery voice. "TIME TO GET UP!" He shouts with a wicked, gleam in his eye as he continues to make a tremendous racket with his very large spoon and an even bigger pot. "GOOD MORNING DADDY POTTS", I laughed as I came out of the bathroom. "Good Morning", he yelled back, as a trail of miserable groans erupted from the bedrooms. "THERE WILL BE ANOTHER ROUND OF ENTERTAINMENT IN TWO MINUTES", Potts boomed, as he tramped noisily up the stairs.

There was no need for any more "entertainment". I guess his performance was just too much for them. Everyone hurried upstairs. None to happy, I might add. Potts and I grinned. Maybe they were just jealous of his talents. I wasn't actually grinning, I confess, it was more of a smirk. I was indulging in some extremely pleasurable thoughts. Revenge of the best kind. Seven eager children got up bright and early the next morning fully armed with pots and pans, crept, on silent feet, into the bedroom and surrounded our sleeping Daddy's bed. With stifled giggles we nodded to each other... chaos erupted as we yelled "GOOD MORNING DAD!!!" And the three younger ones jumped crazily on the bed!!!


Headmistress, zookeeper said...

LOL- your family sounds like a lot of fun.

MamaLion said...

Thankfully, I was forewarned of the coming "fun" and made sure I got up early enough to miss out on the impending revenge. I prefer an alarm clock to banging and clanging! :)