Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Eleven Boys And A Lake

The mountain lake was empty when we first arrived, a quiet, peaceful scene. With most of the area's children back in school, there were only 2 women sunbathing on the beach. But boys have a way of changing things. Before long there were wrestlings, dunkings, chicken fights and salamander catchings! And oh my, what a din! Between the 4 of us, we brought eleven boys. What else did we expect??

At our house, where the girls outnumber the boys, 5 to 2, there are two young boys who bask in this kind of opportunity. We are thankful for other strong young men who love to play hard and their wonderful mommas who go to the trouble of packing and unpacking (not to mention dealing with all that sand) for a few hours in the sun and water!

We count ourselves blessed to have such friends!

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truegoldenretriever said...

Not only were there 11 boys, but there were also 7 girls. We took up most of the beach! It was great!!!!!!