Monday, August 22, 2005

Where the Red Fern Grows

A first-person narration of Where the Red Fern Grows - Chapter One

At one point of his life, a boy is infected with a certain kind of puppy love. Not the kind for the girl across the street. The real kind, that has four little paws and a wiggly tail and a wet tongue that licks his face. Most boys are happy with any dog they're given, if it's a nice and loyal one. But it wasn't that way for me. I had a certain kind of breed that I just had to have and that particular kind was not cheap. I wanted hounds and not just any kind of hound, I wanted coon hounds and two of them. I told my pa. I could tell he wanted to help, but just didn't have the money. After that, I just couldn't bare the thought of not having those coon hounds. I started loosing sleep and not eating much because of it. Ma and Pa started worrying but there was nothing they could do. I was determined.

Note from MamaLion: Narration is the process of retelling after one reading (with no peeking back at the book). We much prefer this method over the standard answer-the-questions-at-the-end-of-the-chapter way of doing things. We believe narration encourages superior attention, retention, thinking, writing and communication skills. To read more about it look here. This was written by a 12 year old.

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