Monday, August 29, 2005

Beware Of Fuzz Balls!!!

Once a week I read and discuss BlochHead's science with her. Just as we had finished she changed the subject and started telling me a short story made long. I can't quite remember who it was about but I do remember that the science we had been discussing was definitely more interesting. Until BlochHead started choking. She stopped in mid sentence and began coughing and sputtering as tears squeezed out of her eyes. "What's wrong!?" I asked in dismay. "I w-was choking on a fuzz ball." She replied as soon as she was recovered enough to speak. Both of us burst out laughing simultaneously as she pulled the hazardous fuzz ball out of her mouth.

While I was reading she had pulled off a little piece our crocheted blanket and had been chewing on it. I can just imagine new and more outrageous warnings coming with each new blanket. WARNING! Choking hazard. Small parts, keep away from blonds, block heads and children under the age of thirteen!!! Soon they will be coming out with child proof blankets. :)