Friday, August 26, 2005

Beethoven's Success

Hello all! I haven't posted anything yet and I keep trying and trying to think of something REALLY GOOD to write about. But I soon figured out that that was my problem. Why should it have to be something REALLY GOOD? Sometimes, the simplest things can give you so much pleasure and they don't always qualify as really good.

Yesterday, I was sitting at the dining room table drawing (beginning illustrating my 3rd book in the series) with a Beethoven CD playing in the kitchen and I just decided to relish the moment. I had just been in a car with eight little boy cousins and brothers so the peacefulness was lovely!! (LOL) I guess it was just one of those moments that hit you and you feel so overwhelmingly happy and thankful for everything. I just wish I could live constantly in that state!! :)

This was posted by PearlKeeper, even though she signed in under my name.

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