Friday, August 19, 2005

She Swims!!!

We have an important announcement:
The last of our seven children can now swim!!

A few years ago some friends who run a pool store called us and said they had someone who didn't want their pool, which included a large deck, and they wanted to give it away to whoever would come and disassemble it. So we took on the huge project and now we have a nice, big pool. It has been a big blessing but also a big worry since we had a toddler to be concerned about. Even now the water is well above her head.

This year she surprised us with first swimming under water and then, last weekend while out of town at a hotel pool where she could touch the bottom, she succeeded staying on top of the water for the first time. We were so excited! And so were her sisters, who could be seen jumping up and down and cheering in the fifth story hotel window. The nice thing about being the youngest of seven children is that every thing you do is met with fanfare.


Big Cousin said...

Way to go little cousin! Congratulations to Smootchy Pouchy too! Hope you don't mind folks viewing your Blog from afar; it's inspiring!

Big Cousin said...

Smoochie Poochie that is. Oh, I'm the cousin from Black Mountain. :)

MamaLion said...

Hey big cousin! I read our new little swimmer your comments and she had a silly grin on her face! Of course we don't mind, we are honored!