Wednesday, November 30, 2005

History Reading

Here is Marvin Olasky's (of World Magazine) high school history reading list. We had many of these titles already and ordered the rest through amazon's used book service.

Now I'm just hoping for a long, cold winter!


Kaleesha said...

Hey MamaLion, this is Kaleesha, in MO. Lori gave me your blog address when Sarah was born and I check back every so often to see how you guys are doing. We really admire your family and enjoy your site so much. Lori never gave me your email address, so I came here to ask you (and her) a question. Funny that in the first "blog" I should find a link to a reading list. I'm looking for "recommended reading" for the younger crowd. The family-time read-aloud kind. My eldest just turned six and in the last year she's been thrilled by the Chronicles of Narnia and, well, anything else I read to her. We just finished The Secret Garden and I would love to read her more books like that that will serve as tools to help develop her character, along with her 4yr old sister who's paying more attention to the reading. When I was growing up I read a lot of "dwaddle" (and worse) - I guess my mom assumed that as long as I was reading, it was good for me. I don't want to make the same mistake! Or waste such a good opportunity. Anyway, if your family or Lori's have some favorites you could jot down for me, or links to other lists, that'd be awesome! My email is

MamaLion said...

Hi Kaleesha. Our favorite booklist is linked on the blog under Our Homeschool Curriculum. I emailed you other suggestions also. Glad to hear from you!