Wednesday, November 02, 2005

View From My Computer Desk

The woods are so beautiful this time of year! I feel so blessed to have this gorgeous view while I sit at my computer. The leaves are not even at their peak yet but I'm trying to enjoy every minute because I know before too long they will all be gone and the trees will be settling in for their winter rest. Although I hate to see the woods so bare, I know that without the seemingly dead time of winter the other seasons wouldn't be appreciated as much. I'm so glad to live in a region where the seasons are so different!

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ruf_rider said...

thats beautiful !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

HEY i can tell u r a christian
im 2 !!! i also love horses...
and so anyways i just was checkin out yer blog (real cute)!!!!!!

is that yer bro.s pet snake ???

i have a dog... but she dont like me to much !!!!! ;)

so i have a twin bro. and hez into his computer job but this weekend he went to ms and help build houses 4 people who needed it...

welllllll... g2g so talk2yalater