Monday, July 17, 2006

A Day On The Lake

A few days ago, our family plus Grandpa and Grandma rented a pontoon boat for the afternoon on a nearby lake. As soon as we were packed and ready we stopped by Grandpa and Grandma's house and went on from there. That day seemed like the hottest day of the year and was perfect for our plans ahead. The heat wasn't in our favor the whole time though, because when we got to the Marina, we had to wait around before we could get our boat. But, when we did it was wonderful and I couldn't wait to get wet. When we got to a place were we could stop the boat, we all got out to swim around. Except Grandpa and SmokyBear who, every moment they got a chance, would get out their fishing poles and fish. They'd always have one side of the boat for them to fish and one side for us to swim. I don't think all our splashing and racket helped them at all, because no fish would even bite. We must have scared them all away.
After we swam for a little bit, we got in the boat to go find a really neat rope swing Tom said she had been to. We found four different rope swings and not one of them was it, but everyone had a great time at one of them and took turns swinging off of it for a while. Soon it was time for dinner and everyone got back in to eat. The rest of the evening was peaceful and Mom and Dad said we will probably do that a lot more often and maybe next time we could invite a few friends. It was definitely a fun memory and I'll look forward to doing it again.

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Anonymous said...

That reminds me of long summer days I and my large family spent on Lake Shasta in northern California. My dad and our neighbor Yewell Young built a pontoon boat. It was one of the first to float on the lake. We'd drive it out to an island (which we claimed as our own) and would spend days and days there. We have pictures of all the kids (seven in all) all dark brown from the sun (no sun screen back in the day). We look happy. We were happy. The water was warm and provided endless hours of fun. Plus we had a ski boat (not what you think it was--it was wood and had a 35 hp motor--not a speedboat) that my dad would use to pull us around the lake on skies.

Good times.


btw, you are a decent writer!