Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Summer Travels

We've been traveling quite a bit the past couple of weeks. First we traveled 5 hours east of here to visit Grandmom after her surgery. She's so busy with sports and activities, even though she is in her late 70's, that it is the only time we can catch her down. Most recently we went to Missouri, about 12 hours west of us, to visit our long time friends.
The kids had so much fun visiting our friends in Missouri. They got a chance to see the finished version of a film they made while they were visiting our house last time. It's a spoof on The Incredibles called The Miserables. Too funny. This time they filmed a spoof on Pirates of the Carribean called The Pink Pearl. All of the girls played pirates with a neighbor boy playing the thief who stole their pearl. They filmed in the woods and down at the creek with a great scene of the escaping thief swinging out over the river, dropping in, and getting out at the other side. I can't wait to see the finished product! The young boys had a brief part as the policeman and when one young friend's mother asked how he liked playing all day with all of those girls he replied, "It was great! They were all pirates. That's the kind of girl I want to marry!" His mother found this very funny since his previous plans included positively no marriage of any kind.
Every 6 or 8 weeks these friends have a get together at their house with a bunch of their friends. We like to time our visits to coordinate with these parties. This time there were about 55 people. They play games such as volleyball, badmitten, ulitmate frisbee and then after dinner they sit around the camp fire and have a time of prayer and singing. What a super bunch of kids! It encourages my heart to see such fine young people.
We are expecting to be home for a while now until our end-of-the-summer vacation at the beach. In the meantime, I need to get canning green beans!


Zach Caddy said...

Hey Ectors,
This is Zach Caddy, "the neighbor boy."I think that's pretty shady to not even put me on the credits. Come on! Now that we're past the sarcasm, how's it going?
Zach Caddy

tootlepip said...

Sounds like you had a wonderful time. We are going to family bible camp with a bunch of our friends and some that we haven't seen for three years.

Nathan L. said...

Those films sound great. No chance of uploading them to your blog is there? (just wondering)