Tuesday, October 24, 2006


The dearest spot of earth to me
Is home, sweet home,
The fairy land I've longed to see
Is home, sweet home,
There how charm'ed the sense of hearing,
There where hearts are so endearing
All the world is not so cheering
As home, sweet home.
I've taught my heart the way to prize,
My home, sweet home,
I've learned to look with lover's eyes
On home, sweet home,
There where vows are truly plighted,
There where hearts are so united
All the world besides I've slighted
For home sweet home.
By W.T. Wrighton
Everywhere I may go in this life and everywhere I've been I find that no place is or could be more dear to me than my home. All the friends I have and all the friends I will have, none could possibly mean as much to me as my family.
Our house is not especially beautiful, there are books that sometimes litter the couches and shoes by the door and peace is not always present; brothers running through the house and sometimes barging into my room to ask for help with this or wanting to show me a new toy. But I would not give up the special time of helping a little brother (and yes even when its a inconvenient time) or talking with my sisters or reading together on a rainy day for anything the world has to offer!
I find that many people I've talked to have expressed regret that they did not spend enough time with a sister or brother in there childhood or that they wasted to much their time having "fun" in the world rather than being content at home. I have never heard anyone say that they did not have enough freedom as a teenager or they wished they had more "fun" while growing up.
I know that one day I will have to make my own decisions about how I spend my time but that time is not now and in the meantime I am enjoying my time and making memories that will last me all my life and will bring more joy to me than any momentary pleasure.

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RS said...

Good for you. I know that God will bless you for your efforts.