Thursday, October 05, 2006

A Promise For Purity

Each one of us girls for our fourteenth birthday, have been given a promise ring as a promise to our parents and the Lord that we'll stay pure until we're married. I wrote a letter to Mom and Dad telling them what my promise is, and that I promise not only to stay pure but to trust their decisions and to honor their convictions it every area of purity.
My birthday was actually on the 27th but the ring took a little longer than we thought to come in, so we celebrated it on the 5th. Since sapphire is my birth stone, I had one put in the ring except instead of the usual color blue, I wanted a pink one. Some of the girls said I was crazy for it. They were already jealous of me having a sapphire for a birth stone because of the color.

It was a really nice evening with the fancy dinner table set. Grandma and Grandpa came over and also our cousins from next door. Since there are a lot of kids when our two family's get together, they were privileged enough to sit outside eating on paper plates, while teenagers and adults got the nice decorated table:).

From my younger cousins I got a huge stack of cards and drawings they had worked on all day. The 5 year old boy was so sweet, he's been into drawing ever since he saw one I was working on. He gave me a lot of hugs and several drawings and asked me if they were good. I had a great evening and it was an awesome birthday even though it was a little late.


Anonymous said...

Everything looks so pretty! Thanks for letting us share in your b-day like this. May God bless you and help you remain strong in you promises.
Love you,

tootlepip said...

Your ring is beautiful. May it ever be a reminder of your promise and may God strenthen you to keep it.

MomToCherubs said...

Happy Birthday from ALL the Cherubs. What a lovely evening for a very special young lady !