Friday, February 16, 2007

Eye-opening Modesty Information

We discovered this survey on modesty from Life in a Shoe. We barely had time today to skim over some of it before the girls rushed off to dance class but we read enough to know that we will be coming back for more.

Even the few general comments that we read were so encouraging to the girls. I know they have wondered if it really makes any difference what they do when the culture all around them is so much worse. To know that there are guys out there who do care about modesty and that they appreciate girls' efforts in this area meant a lot to them. They would like to know where those guys are because they don't think they know very many of them. I suggested to them that maybe there are a lot of guys who feel this way but since it's not a comfortable topic for them to discuss, maybe they just don't hear about it. We decided this survey was a wonderful way to avoid the awkwardness but still get the information across. There are things here in this survey that I'm sure many, many girls are unaware of. And where better to hear it from than straight from the horses mouth.

I've already been talking to my sons and nephews about ways they can inspire young girls to value themselves and expect boys to value them. My oldest son is already beginning to have girls flirt with him. I don't want the girls to just get brushed aside and assume he doesn't think they are good enough for him. I would like a way for him to encourage them to save it all for their own husbands with tactful remarks. I want him to make them think that maybe there is a better way and not just assume he is a snob. I'm not sure exactly how he can do this yet. But we'll be working on it and hopefully getting some ideas from the many honest young men who have responded to this survey.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing this info. It is encouraging and helpful. My 20+ son is always asking,"Where are the Godly women? Where are the modest women?" He cannot seem to find them either! This gives us hope...he is not alone in his expectations nor his search! We all must continue to pray for our children and their future spouses!
I enjoy your blog often!

MamaLion said...

I know just how you feel - and so do my girls. Sometimes I think we should somehow have quarterly conferences where all of our young people can meet and find their mates. There really are so many of us scattered across the country who have a vision for these things! But I know that is not practical so we just have to keep trusting God. And you are right, we need to keep the matter in our prayers.