Sunday, February 18, 2007

The Girls Are Back

We picked up Candace and Priscilla from the airport tonight and they are brimming over with things to talk about. They went to a L'Abri conference in Minnesota all by themselves. It was Candace's first time flying and it was the first time for both of them to travel independently. It was really fun sending them off on their own. They stayed at the hotel where the conference was so they didn't have to travel around town, which made me feel a lot better. After spending two full days listening to lectures they have a lot to share and they plan to spend some time blogging about it all over the next stay tuned for more.

[Update: Candace had me add this picture that she took with her cell phone.]

I can not put into words all of the amazing and exciting things happening in our lives right now. Last night Priscilla and I were up (late again) talking about just seeing an occasional glimpse of some of the threads going into the tapestry of our lives and how utterly and completely overwhelming it is on our brains at times. So many threads right now, things we are reading, things we are hearing at church, new people in our lives, new activities even so many movies lately, all seem to have the trace of our Father's hand directing, guiding and preparing us. The world we are in seems so much bigger. As a family we are in environments where we have the opportunity to give so much but at the same time receive so much too. It's incredible to be a part of the Body of Christ, a functioning body (and I'm not just talking about our local church) where so many parts are operating and supplying. We are ever encouraged to trust in our Heavenly Father and to believe that He is the best one to order our lives. We have but to look to Him and rest in His care.

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