Thursday, May 31, 2007

I Just Don't Understand It

I recently read an article in WORLD magazine where a Congressman read some of the material that the public schools use for sex education. It was truly appalling. While I appreciate WORLD keeping us abreast of what is happening, I actually tore those pages out so my children would not be subjected to the material. Many of the adults in Congress were squirming while it was being read because it made them so uncomfortable. Imagine, reading to children things that even most adults consider inappropriate.
I know things have been getting worse. In recent years when even Dr. Dobson was calling for Christians to remove their children from the public schools, I knew the situation was becoming critical.
I have heard and read about the agenda in the public schools and the kinds of things the kids are being indoctrinated with. It makes me want to do something but since I homeschool I know it would not be effective. I don't have a dog in that race. But what about those in the system who are Christians and who are opposed to what is happening? Are they doing anything? If the public schools are a great mission field (which I have heard Christian parents say), where are the great missionaries? Surely we are not entrusting children with such a job. When I hear the statistics of adults who consider themselves Christians, I marvel that this propaganda can continue to be allowed. Do people not realize that ideas have consequences? Have we so been lulled into complacency that we don't even care? Or has the propaganda had it's desired effect and the parents actually think this is necessary? That this is the answer? I don't get it.
Hasn't anyone out there read Brave New World? Oh, that's right. No one reads anymore. Maybe if they made a tv show out of it people might recognize a slippery slope when they see one.


Headmistress, zookeeper said...

"...a long habit of not thinking a thing WRONG, gives it a superficial appearance of being RIGHT..."

Thomas Paine, Common Sense

I don't know how people can ignore this kind of thing, either, but I suspect the above has something to do with it. They also always think the worst things are happening somewhere else, not where they live. But we've never found that to be true.

Granny said...

Great post. Amen.

MomToCherubs said...

I believe that over time we as a people, we as a nation, we as families, and we as individuals have become increasingly desensatized ... thus it is quite difficult to see "the slippery slope". It is a shame indeed. Or rather a tragedy.

So - we should be thankful for the freedoms that afford us the opportunity to raise our children in His way. And we are trying to change atleast our corner of the world for now ... and we pray that someday our children and this heritage (combined) will truly make a difference for the Glory of the Lord.

Well said MamaLion !!

danika said...

and people wonder why we have so many teen & under moms its because of things like this that warps their minds causeing them to think in a way that is so wrong and then we have horrable shows (that i don't watch) like desperate house wives sex in the city and the starter wife that are giving off some sort of perverted norm that young kids tend to meld with reality but no one ever says any thing because socitiy is controlled by the very liberal media