Thursday, May 17, 2007

Miscellaneous Goings On

I haven't been able to think of blog posts lately. We are just enjoying life and feeling very grateful.
Everything is green and has finally recovered from the late freeze we had. We've been working in our garden and yard quite a bit. So far we have the tomatoes, peppers, peas, potatoes, strawberries, lettuce, and broccoli in. Today we hope to finish with the green beans, squash and cucumbers. My semi-new discovery in the garden has been landscape fabric. I love putting it down between the rows and avoiding weeding. We use hay or straw in between the plants and we have very little weeding to do.
We tore down our pool after our puppy drowned in it and we are replacing it with a cobblestone-type patio. We have plans to install our little pond and some flowers and we're making a fire pit in the middle. The girls bought me a park bench for Mother's Day and it's going to be perfect out there. (The boys each got me beautiful cards and flowers. )
Ford and Kenny (and even Lori) have been working hard on the additions down at the shop and they are hoping to start the digging of the lake soon. They are really hoping to have it done so we can use it this summer. They hope to bring in sand for a nice beach area and leave an island with a big tree on it in the middle. I'm having fun imagining get-togethers with volleyball and big bonfires on the beach, seeing the kids enjoy fishing, boating and swimming, camping on the island and having ducks.
My sister, Lori, has also fully recovered from her last baby. The sound of hammers and saws can be heard through the woods on a regular basis. She's always tackling something - redoing a floor, drywall, ripping off a deck, etc. The other day she popped over to fulfill her promised birthday present to me and cut landscape timbers and cut out some steps that come down the hill from her house to ours. We just have to finish nailing the timbers down. Now you don't have to slide down the muddy bank into our screenroom. What a woman!


<>< Victor ><> said...

Wow...your own beach area in your property. Sounds like a dream to me. Can't wait to jump in the water (ehehehe, assuming I'm invited, of course)!

MamaLion said...
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