Friday, December 07, 2007

Art, Art and more Art

I love it when my kitchen table looks like this~with art projects under way!
We are having a great art year. I don't know what has clicked around here that has made me more diligent about having art time but it has. I think it started with the Draw Squad book. We started using that for daily drawing time and it's amazing when something becomes a regular part of our routine that I no longer hear complaints. It's like they just accept it and don't think about balking any more. I think another big help is that I am participating too, not just as the teacher, but as a student.

After successfully incorporating daily drawing, we are adding a weekly art project. This book has loads of fun ideas and I like the easy step-by-step instructions. My goal is to use this time to introduce different media and methods.

People always ask where our kids get their talent from since neither Ford nor I are active artists. This afternoon while we were working on the project pictured on the table Abel proudly stated, "That's where we get our art talent - it's Mom!" Ha Ha. I know it's in me but it's never been developed and I still fear the blank page. My artsy side comes out whenever I'm near art supplies. I love buying them. That's what I've done all of these years. I've bought the supplies and the kids have used them. That's why they do well. Practice and fearlessness. I'm trying to overcome my fears and at my older age learn to draw and paint. I'll probably be one of those old ladies that take art classes at the local art center or go to those week long classes at some folk art center.


tootlepip said...

We have really floundered in this area. My boys are very talented and draw a lot on their own but I haven't kept up with encouraging them on a more regular basis. Thanks for the reminder.

Strider said...

if you buy the art supplies...they will draw.

islandgirlshell said...

Hi Lisa!
I think it's fabulous that your kids enjoy art so much. And that you are facing your fears :)

Just curious...what do you do with all the art your kids create? and what do you use for the bookcases that I see in the background of the picture? Plastic boxes? (I need bookcases desperately!)

My kids are fond of, I believe it's called, "making futilities" and I eagerly anticipate when mine are actually working on creating art. I look forward to checking out the books you've mentioned.


MamaLion said...

Hi Shelly.

Thanks for the encouragement!

Most of the time they draw in their drawing pads so it's nice that they have it all bound in one place. When they fill one up they store it in their room on their own bookshelves. When the girls paint on canvas, I usually have to beg to be able to hang it upstairs. They like to hoard it all and turn their bedrooms into their personal art gallery.

If you click on the picture, you can see it up close.The "bookshelves" are plastic crates from Staples.