Sunday, April 20, 2008

What a Fun Weekend!

We are rolling in here at 11pm on Sunday night feeling like we have gorged ourselves on great fellowship all weekend.

Saturday night was our Passover celebration. We had a small gathering here with extended family and our dear friend, Tristan. Priscilla did the honors of reading the Passover story and added in extra research on the timetable of Jesus' crucifixion. I didn't even mind doing the boatload of dishes because Tristan made it enjoyable by playing her guitar and singing for us and the Lord while I was working. There is something very encouraging about being around people that have a love for the Lord that you can really see and feel. Everyone is going to have their issues that they are working through in an attempt to allow God to transform them. It's not about being perfect, it's about being sold out for God!

Speaking of after church we stopped by the home of some new friends of ours. They have a home church that meets each week. We went to our own church and then picked up pizza and headed over to their house. We got there about 1pm and didn't get home until 11 tonight. We all had a blast. The adults sat around discussing everything from current events to finding a spouse. The kids had a great time being whisked away to another house nearby to shoot guns and then back again for volleyball and frisbee. Their highest compliment is to say they feel like they are in Missouri. At around 8pm one of the ladies suggested the six of us parents who were still there all escape to Ruby Tuesdays for dinner. So we left a billion kids and young adults and went out on a spontaneous date where we laughed and talked and had a great time. We arrived home very tired but very happy.

This has charged our batteries for a busy week ahead, especially for the females in the family. This week will include a mom's homeschool meeting (while the girls go swing dancing), a MOPS moms night out (which the girls are invited to also), and a women's retreat on the weekend! Whew!

Sometimes it all seems like a lot, especially with all of the traveling back and forth. But when I take one day at a time, it's as my sister always says, "There is enough time in each day to do God's will." When there is so many people to love, it's not tiring.

A sweet friend sent me this verse in an e-card recently:

"He who refreshes others will himself be refreshed. " Proverbs 11:25 - And that is the truth!

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