Monday, March 01, 2010

Coffee Shop School

When Kezzi was still in school, I used to take Hope and Kezzi to the coffee shop once a week. I would buy them a drink of their choice and we would work on writing and grammar there. I have recently resurrected the practice with Luke and Abel. It's something special I like to do with the older kids just to change the environment and hopefully find some new inspiration. This past week we had to take Annalise with us because no one else was home, but normally it will just be the boys and me.

Luke prefers to use the computer for his writing and most of the time Abel still likes his good ol' composition notebook.
Their favorite drinks are the frappes...caramel with lots of whipped cream.


Kezzi said...

I almost cried at this. Even though my life has been so blessed with a wonderful husband and a great job I still miss those days. All there was to worry about was getting school done and playing. You Hope and I had fun at that coffee shop :).

3'sacharm said...

Anytime you want to drop Annalise off over here, feel free!