Monday, January 09, 2006


Being two boys in a houseful of girls is not always easy. Along with five sisters comes the constant influx of "friends". For two young boys who already feel outnumbered, this can be a bit much at times. I know in future years they will surely enjoy all of this feminine company. But for now, they count their blessings that God saw fit to provide them with a plentiful supply of male cousins.
We spent Sunday driving in the mountains in search of snow. Turns out we just missed it. Two days ago our sleds would have found plenty of fodder but a warm day melted it all away. Instead, a fifteen passenger van loaded with boys was just about as much fun. Thankfully, we drove two vehicles and the older females had a respite from the chaos! We are also thankful for two dads who were able to handle all that energy.


Kaleesha said...

What a neat adventure! I tell ya, we're about to go on a snow hunt, too. The weaterman delights in teasing us. This winter has been so mild. If any snow does fall it falls north of that I-44 line.
And what a great pile of boys! (A pile of great boys?) My little guy has only the 3 sisters and 2 female cousins. Hopefully, by the time he's old enough to be bothered by that, we'll have found him some male playmates and/or had another son. Doens't look like there will be any more cousins for awhile.

Headmistress, zookeeper said...

"Estrogen Overload" is what we say when the little boy is getting overwhelmed by all the girls.