Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Persistence Pays Off

We finally found it! Snow, that is. We drove up into the mountains to find plenty of the wonderful white stuff. After being disappointed last week, and especially after driving an hour away to purchase 9 sleds at Target, it was rewarding to find the object of our pursuit. It was a little nerve racking driving the 15 passenger van up and down the mountains when the only other vehicles to be seen were ones equipped with four wheel drive. We made it though and found a secluded little spot to sled. Mr. Potts built a nice little fire that helped dry wet mittens.
We also were able to enjoy the sights of our beautiful Smoky Mountains covered in snow. Sometimes I think we take for granted the exceptional beauty we have around us and a nice little change, like fall colors or snow, jolts us back into the reality of the wonder of God's creation.
Unfortunately, my camera battery died so I didn't get many pictures.

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