Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Tea Time

Adventure Queen and I had a private tea time this afternoon, which is quite an accomplishment in a household of ten people. I put this little table in the corner of my bedroom for just such a purpose. The main part of our house is the Great Room which is all open and contains the living room, kitchen and dining room. So a nice, cozy, PRIVATE place was needed for that necessary one on one time. This area has also served nicely as a quiet place for the boys to read aloud to me. And I have plans for a nice candlelit dinner with Mr. Potts here too!
Today, we had cucumber & cream cheese sandwhiches and chai tea. It was the first time we used the tea set I bought at Mount Vernon this past fall.


Tim's Mom said...

What a beautiful little tea corner!

MamaLion said...

Thanks. After going shopping at the antique stores and seeing how expensive everything was, we just brought in one of the table sets on the front porch and covered it with a tablecloth and bought cushions for the chairs. Much cheaper that way! :)