Friday, March 30, 2007

From Child to Woman

So, Candace is home. It's nice to see her face again. Annalise is especially happy to have her whole family together again. She was plagued with some bad dreams, the latest of which all of the girls got married, her brothers were always away golfing and her cousin, John, never came over. Her worst nightmare.

I've been marveling over the experience of having two grown children. It's rather nice. Both of them have been in some difficult circumstances this last year that have tested their characters and both of them have reacted in ways that have greatly boosted my confidence in their decision making abilities. Not that they will make every decision as I would, but that they are thoughtful and purposeful in their decisions. They have stood against temptations and made right choices. Even when they have been released from our control, they have held to many of the same principles they were raised with. Ahhh. That's the sound of a mother's heart at rest for a moment.

I do not expect that they will never make mistakes. I hope I have learned enough and have been reminded enough that we all have a fallen nature and are all bound to need picking up from time to time. I pray that I can do that for them without wallowing in my own disappointment and pride.

I'm really basking in the thought of two children raised. I've never really resented the burden of responsibility of children, in fact I longed to be a mother from a very young age and I'm so glad I have so many more, but it's a satisfied feeling to have that burden lifted and see it placed on the grown child themselves. It satisfying to see them shoulder that burden and not stagger under its weight. And I'm more and more convinced that timing is everything.

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tootlepip said...

This is truly a new stage as a parent, isn't it? Our oldest is graduating from her program at the community college in June and making plans for her future that may involve a long distance move. It is wonderful and awful at the same time when they spread their wings and fly.