Tuesday, March 06, 2007

My Own Starry Night

I have been taking a lot of little walks lately. It's amazing what getting out in the fresh air and looking at the natural world does for you. Last night I took a walk to the top of the hill to see if the moon was up yet. I could barely see the light growing in the spot where it was to come up. Since I was a bit chilly, and I realized I had a few minutes, I went back to the house for a blanket and I grabbed our Glow In The Dark Night Sky Book and a flashlight. I went back up, and boy, what a treat.

We have a panoramic view of the mountains at the top of our hill. The view of the stars away from all household lights is incredible, especially when you add the backdrop of the shadowy mountains. I wish I knew how to take a night time shot that would do the scene justice.

I spent my time waiting for the moon finding the winter constellations in the book. I was able to find four of them from my seat. I became much more interested in the constellations when I read Witness of the Stars by Bullinger. It makes the verse "The heavens declare the glory of God" take on much more depth of meaning.

So, there I was, wrapped in a blanket, enjoying the stars and my glow-in-the-dark constellations when I remembered to look for the moon. Just in time, I saw the top sliver just coming up over the mountains. I involuntarily took a deep breath. It was so beautiful.

How is it that I have been so neglectful to take the time to enjoy this regular spectacular sight? And all I have to do is walk out my front door and up a little hill.


Anonymous said...

Aren't we all so very guilty of taking God's beautiful creations for granted and not even noticing the beauty of them which does, of course, reflect God's glory. My husband and I took a walk tonight to see the moon. It was gorgeous. We just had to stop and praise God for who He is and for giving us a small glimpse of His glory.

Anonymous said...

Very well written, Mama Lion. We enjoy our own view of the night sky here on our own ridge where we can clearly see the Lord's handiwork. Your book sounds good. Could you email us down south? Thanks for sharing.