Friday, August 17, 2007

Art and Family and Friends

Our extremely brilliant and generous friend, Adam, has built this website. Elilyphants, for my niece, Lily. Stop in for a visit and see some of Lily's cool work. Lily is the daughter of my sister, whose blog is here. Who knew all of those endless hours spent drawing elephants could result in this!

Adam is a fellow artist who has done an amazing painting called The Valley of Rhyme. It's a collage of scenes from the nursery rhymes of his childhood. It has also been made into a book by the same title, which I think will soon be available from amazon. We are one of the lucky first ones to have a book and poster already! The first morning after he came out and gave us a copy of the poster to go along with the book, Annalise was up in the early light with the book open in front of the framed poster looking for each scene from the book.

To be so close to all of this amazing talent just makes me feel so happy to be alive and happy that I serve a God with fellow believers like these!!! I just feel overwhelmed with God's goodness to us all.


Nathan L. said...

Just thought I'd let you know the link to your sister's blog doesn't work because it's mis-spelled
you wrote it:

It should be:

That was a cool website. Adam is very tallented.

MomToCherubs said...

You should see it now !! He has now added Lily's photo to the front page - she is sitting and drawing on the bench. His work is VERY creative ... what a wonderful "gift" for Lily, such a special young lady.