Saturday, August 18, 2007

This is The Day

Today is Luke's thirteenth birthday! After years of "doing" the teenage girl thing, we now have our first teenage son. We had talked about this day, so many years ago in the baby days, when we realized the time would come when we would have five teeneagers at once and today it has arrived. Candace will be twenty in November, so it is a short lived novelty.

It is amazing that those seemingly far-in-to-the-future days actually do arrive, and rather more quickly than we imagine too.

It's been fun lately watching him, and even Abel, tune into the courting processes that go on around here with the girls. They can be seen lurking around the corners with full attention being paid to these conversations. Luke, trying to be cute the other night, pulled up an armchair to one of these talks that was going on at the kitchen table. They are so sure that after listening to all of these girls that they are going to have the upper hand and know just the right things to do and not do. This interest seems funny coming from boys who, not long ago, were interested in nothing but cars, legos and playing outdoors.

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