Wednesday, August 29, 2007

The Beginning of a Whirlwind

Wow, are things busy around here!

This morning I took Kezzi to get her driver's license so we now have three official extra drivers! Luke and Kezzi start guitar lessons today but I don't think I'm quite ready to send them in alone. I'm going to give Kezzi a little practice first by going out all by herself. Abel started piano lessons with Hope's teacher yesterday. We are starting to become quite a family of musicians. The addition of a son-in-law who is great on the guitar and has an awesome voice is quite a boost too!

Of course, we are in the beginning stages of planning a wedding and all of that excitement - trying to secure a date for the church building and a minister to marry them. I just finished typing out our plans for the next week and a half for my friend, and it's crazy. Between being dinner guests and having dinner guests, preparing for trips and wedding dress fittings, we are very, very busy.

Added to all of the new excitement is the fact that Priscilla is scheduled to leave for her mission trip to Kenya next week. Thank you to all of you who contributed funds for this trip. It looks like she is going to have enough. We are bustling around getting shots, malaria medicine, and other supplies. Two days after Pris leaves, we are going to the beach for our family vacation with my sister and her family. When we come back, we think we'll have nine weeks to plan the wedding. (We are currently waiting on confirmatin of a date with our church - which looks like it might be November 17th instead of the 10th.)

Even this weekend is nuts with day trips planned for both Saturday and Sunday. Saturday we are going to visit some friends who live about 2 1/2 hours from here and then Sunday, after church, we are going to drive 4 hours to stay with Michael's family overnight and spend Labor Day with them. The boys are super excited because all of the guys are going to sleep in tents so the girls can have the house. Michael's mom called us the other night and Candace and I both really enjoyed talking to her and can't wait to spend more time together this weekend.

So, things are very busy but full of FUN things to do.

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