Friday, February 29, 2008

Art Time with Pastels

Priscilla had some rare free time today to draw with the kids. Even Kezzi got in on the action. The three younger kids had never used pastels before. The boys' attention span is short at the end of the school day but I figure a little time is better than none. Luke never gives me permission to post anything of his, but here is some work from the other kids.

This one is by Kezzi. She always amazes me when I watch her at work. She is very quick, confident and bold with her strokes.

Annalise did this picture of flowers and then had me help her find the section in a poetry book about flowers. She voluntarily copied this stanza of the poem. Pris copied the last two lines for her.

Pris did this rendition of Mary Poppins, inspired by the fact that it is the book she is currently reading aloud to Annalise.

It's interesting that the boys always hurry through art time and dash outside as soon as possible. We did wrangle Abel down long enough to get this picture out of him.


Chris, Syd, Kayden, and Luke said...

Just found your blog while trying to find For Instructions In Righteousness. We are just starting out with 2 kids and one on the way. We live in Florida. You can see our blog at

I would like to hear of some other resources you recommend.
Chris Ritchie

MamaLion said...

Hey Chris.

I'd be glad to help in any way I can. You can email me at

aka MamaLion

MamaLion said...

Ooops. That should be