Thursday, February 28, 2008

Kamana Studies

I'm still really enjoying our Kamana nature studies. I'm still really impressed over how helpful it is for someone like me who is does not notice detail naturally. Today we talked about frogs and chose one from our area to record information about using the Reader's Digest North American Field Guide. The way it walked me through the process caused me to notice a lot of details about frogs that I had never noticed before. Then it had us choose other species in our area that look similar and note the differences. It also suggested listening to a recording of frog calls. Fortunately, we had bought a frog card for our Birdsong Identiflyer last fall and we were able to listen to the calls of the species we had chosen. Here is my page from the day's work (you can click on it to enlarge): We've done nature studies for at least fifteen years now but this course has given them more depth and direction. I've always wanted to dig deeper but wasn't sure how. We only have a couple of sections to go in Kamana One. Kamana Two has already been ordered and I am really looking forward to using it over the next year. I'm hoping to be able to continue on through all four levels.

**A little addition: This afternoon Luke took our birdcall gadget outside, patiently sat still with it and kept pressing the sparrow call. He said 5 or 6 sparrows came close to him. How cool is that? I love nature study!

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