Tuesday, February 19, 2008


It seems we are on the verge of more changes. It's exciting and a bit sad at the same time. Priscilla and Kezzi have just been hired for waitressing jobs at local restaurants (only now they call the position - server). That means they will be gone from home a lot more. I'm very excited for them and love to hear the stories of things that happen.

Three of my friends and I went to Kezzi's workplace and had her serve us tonight. She looked so cute in her uniform. I'm so proud of her because even after only one week, she has already been recognized as a Christian and has had several opportunities to share her beliefs. I'm most thankful that being around so much worldliness has not tempted her so far, but has only helped to strengthen her resolve to hold her standards. Amazingly, so far she has only encountered encouragement from others about holding to those standards, even from those who live far beneath them. She is getting lots of experience with those who live very different lives. I'm proud that she does not have a holier-than-thou attitude but instead can be friendly and loving even admist different lifestyles. We will be continuing to pray that she will do well. She knows if it becomes too much for her, there are other options.

Priscilla just started yesterday. (She looks cute in her uniform too.) Her boss was amazing. Even though she is 19, her boss gave her his card and told her if her dad wanted to know what kind of boss she had he was welcome to call him. I was amazed that he had that much respect for her father's position in her life, a rare thing these days. And he told her that no profanity was allowed at his restaurant. Quite a different story than at the restaurant Kezzi is working at. Maybe if Kezzi ends up wanting to leave, Pris will be able to put a good word in for her where she is. So as I said, Pris just started. She's planning on working as much as possible over the next six months in order to earn enough money for college next fall. So far she has received about 2/3 of what she needs in scholarships. The last 1/3 is still pretty hefty but we are hoping that between us we can come up with it. She may be able to transfer to a different branch of this restaurant and continue working part-time while she goes to school so she can continue to have some income.

Candace and Michael came to visit last weekend. Michael called a couple of weeks ago with plans to surprise Candace by bringing her here Friday night. She thought they were surprising us but we knew all along. Right before they arrived, we turned off all of the lights and hid in the library. Uncle Kenny and Aunt Lori came over to hide too. She ran all through the house looking for someone and then finally took a peek into the newly built library when we all scared her half to death by yelling surprise. Michael brought all of his sound equipment and they set it up on the deck Saturday. The girls had a blast singing and playing music all day. I was worried about bothering the neighbors but I was outnumbered.

Candace is vowing to come once a month because she is getting too homesick for everyone. She woke up Saturday morning and was in the hallway talking to Annalise and Candace had big tears in her eyes while she noted the changes in Annalise. This brought me to tears. It's strange to be happy and sad at the same time. I'm happy that Candace has the life she has wanted and I'm thrilled that she loves and misses us so much. I'm sad that the kids will not have the same daily life together. But I do know they will make sure to continue to be close and share many special times together. I knew these changes were inevitable.

Every night the girls come home and we sit around and hear stories from the day. A little change from the bedtime stories we used to have but at least we still have that time together.

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