Monday, August 11, 2008

More Changes

We began work on our new formal garden this spring. Thanks to a friend's husband, who is a professional landscaper, we had a great start with a plan down on paper. It's still a work in progress and may remain so for quite some time. I am quite the ambitious gardener in the spring, but when the hot water sets in, I retreat to the house. I hope to add some trees to it this fall and maybe finish the walkways before winter. Another new addition was the painting of our house. We got rid of the green and went with tan. Priscilla is the one who chose the color. Too bad we couldn't have painted in some green grass! This project is also in progress until we finish painting the block walls of the walk-out basement, which you can't really see from this angle. That will be another project for cooler weather.

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The Cowgirl said...

Everything looks so pretty!