Thursday, August 14, 2008

Voted World's Best Sauce by Shadybrook Acres

Quite a few months back I bought a bottle of this amazing sauce at Sam's and we've been in love ever since. Yesterday we bought twelve bottles during our Sam's shopping trip. After watching how we descended upon the first bottle at lunch today, I am wondering if I should have bought more.

Today at lunch Hope was commenting that we are the weirdest eaters. She was wondering how many people would eat what we were eating for lunch. Part of our lunch fare was a block of cream cheese with this sauce poured over it as a spread for crackers. That turned into a spread for the whole wheat bread Kezzi made yesterday and then we added shredded chicken to the sandwhich. Of course, as accompaniments we had to open the marinated artichoke hearts we also got yesterday and the black olives. We've come a long way from the standard peanut butter and jelly that used to make up 90% of our lunches when the kids were little!

I'm sure over the next few months we'll come up with a new cookbook called 101 Ways to Eat Roasted Raspberry Chipotle Sauce.

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The Cowgirl said...

That kinda sounds good though!