Friday, April 14, 2006

The Great Sister Has a Great Announcement

The 'Great Sister' is expecting another baby!!!!!
A surprise to all. But a happy surprise. This will be #7. She's done it. She's finally caught up with me. I'm sure my mother never dreamed she would end up with fourteen grandchildren just between the two of us.
Baby Sarah is only just now six months old but Mama will have lots of help not only from Sarah's adoring brothers and sister but from her cousins, aunt and grandma who fight over her constantly.
Now, I know why she was pigging out at the Mexican restaurant the other day! Eating for three isn't easy!

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Kaleesha said...

Great news! She called me yesterday and told me. I teased her, "at this rate we'll never catch up to you" but I suppose if she can catch up to you, we can catch up too. :) We should start saving now for a bus.