Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Spring Flowers

I couldn't resist showing off some of the lovely spring blooms around the yard. These flowers amaze me every year because I am not much of a flower gardener. I mostly just put the plants in the ground, add new mulch each year and then they are on their own. Sometimes I do remember to water them in especially dry weather, but only sometimes.
These irises are my favorite, probably because I'm nuts about purple.
I'm so pleased with this rhododendron bush. It's growing leaps and bounds each year.
These yellow irises belong to AdventureQueen.
And I love these white azalea bushes. I planted these last spring. I just wish the blooms would last all summer. The peonies in the background are almost ready to burst. Their flowers get so big the plants bends over with the weight of them.

Even the pansies I planted last fall are still blooming.
Right now, with all of the wonderful weather, it's just so refreshing to sit on the deck or even mow the lawn. I haven't even been reading much because it's so nice to be outside taking it all in. I know only too well that it won't be long before the heat will be unbearable and I'll be retreating into the air conditioning with a book.


lady laura said...

How lovely! Irises are my favorite flower, I think. I have about 40 or so planted, and a very few of the full-size are starting to bud, and the miniatures are closer to opening. I can hardly wait!

MomToCherubs said...

Cherub 5 wanted me to let you know that she loves your purple iris's the BEST as well.