Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Spring Break at the Beach

We were blessed with the opportunity to go down to Florida for a couple of days and boy, did we enjoy ourselves. Mr. Potts had a sign that needed to be delivered to Pensacola so we took the time to drive it down there ourselves and enjoy a little R & R at the beach. We drove down on Thursday afternoon and reached Pensacola that night. Mr. Potts decided to surprise us with a room right on the beach. While some of us got settled in the room, he took some of the children down for a night walk on the beach. It was worth cramming all nine of us in one room to wake up to the beautiful view of the sand and surf. We had a fairly secluded spot and spent the morning having our part of the beach pretty much all to ourselves.
After delivering the sign, we drove on to Destin, where our rooms were reserved. This time we were able to spread out into two rooms and even though they didn't connect, as we had hoped, we still enjoyed the space.
We spent most of our time just lounging, walking on the beach and playing in the waves. It was wonderfully refreshing. We added a few more birds to our life lists, the brown pelican, the cormorant and of course, plenty of seagulls. Mr. Potts took this great picture of a gull about to catch a piece of bread.
Reluctanly, we climbed back into the van late in the afternoon on Sunday, still wet and sandy, and headed north. Thankfully, we had friends who live about 4 1/2 hours from Pensacola (er, 4 if MamaLion is driving and everyone sleeps the whole time) and we stopped there for the night. We did have to rise very early in the wee hours of the morning so Mr. Potts could be back at work by 8am.
Now we are home, happy to return to the spring. The leaves are coming on and so is baseball season! We have games every night this week except Wednesday! It is a very busy time of year for us but we really have a good time being together and cheering the boys on. An extra blessing is having cousins playing on the same teams so that means more time with family in the bleachers. And we enter this season of craziness with a perfect cap to our winter of rest.


MomToCherubs said...

What beautiful photos. So happy to hear about your trip adn taht it was as wonderful as you had planned.

SoccerGirl21 said...

sounds like yall had a cool time at the beach. in the picture i saw the water and it looked so pretty. pensocola is a really neat place to be. im glad the trip went well:)