Friday, June 09, 2006

The Dream Swing (With a Mountain View to Boot)

For years Mr. Potts dreamed of making this telephone pole swing. Finally about a year ago, with the help of neighbors and bucket trucks, he built it on the top of our hill. He's working on plans to motorize it. For now, when one person is pushed around the pole, the other goes flying around and then when the one being pushed is let go, he takes his turn flying too. It's loads of fun.
It's also the special place I go to pray. I sit on a swing and look out at the mountains while I push myself gently around. On clear days you can see the mountains much better than on the hazy day when I took this picture. There's just something inspiring about this spot because others in our household go here for their quiet time too.
Just a little ways over to the left is our place where we have bonfires. I may try to get a picture of the moon coming up over the mountians some evening. It's just a beautiful sight.

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