Friday, June 16, 2006

Like Mother, Like Daughter

Last night we stayed up late because after an early baseball game some of us decided at the last minute to go see Cars at the theatre. TheLittlestPrincess fell asleep during the movie so I carried her in from the car and put her right in bed. Since we got to bed so late and everyone was so tired I decided to let everyone sleep in, it is summer after all. I was too tired last night to read at all so I just went right to sleep. In the morning I awoke rather late and still there was not a stir in the whole house. I decided to snatch a few moments of reading before I even got out of bed and reached for a book on my nightstand.
About twenty minutes later I hear the sound of an Alcazar recording of some fairy tales coming from TheLittlestPrincess' room next to mine. She had done exactly the same thing. She only hopped out of bed long enough to push the play button and was back snuggled in bed listening to a story.

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