Thursday, June 15, 2006

Girls Handwork/Tea Time

Each week we are going to host a girls handwork/tea time with girls we know from the ages 11-13 at our house. Yesterday was our first day doing it. We were planning on it only being a once a month thing, but all the girls wanted to do it every week so we changed it. Each week one girl will bring a desert they made. We are starting out with cross-stich and maybe next will be embroidery, then in the fall we will do crochet.
Yesterday we had the tea party and chatted for about an hour, then Mom showed us a few basic things to know before we got started on our cross-stiching project. We're starting out with something small and when we're done we'll move on to a bigger project. We were not planning on it, but after cross-stiching I found all five girls something to swim in, so we all jumped in the pool and had a blast. Next time I'm sure everyone will be prepared and bring a bathing suit for afterwards. We didn't get very long to swim though because soon the girl's moms came to pick them up. I'm looking forward to being able to spend more time with friends and have a lot of fun memories.


tootlepip said...

What a nice idea. May your summer be full of wonderful memories! We are going to try a summer reading program in our neighborhood this year. We will meet once a week and read a very short bio on a scientist and do an experiment or two. I have three boys left in my homeschool - so tea and cross stitch is not a big draw for them.

Anonymous said...

oh that sounds just delightful!! I hadn't thought to put teatime with handwork. hmmmm i'll have to think on that idea and see what we maybe can get together with area homeschoolers after our move. thanks for sharing!

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