Wednesday, August 02, 2006

The Beautiful Rose

(Editor's Note: I mistakenly did not add the last stanza when I posted this for BlochHead earlier. It is complete now. - MamaLion)
I will tell you the tale of a beautiful rose;
Who every day her beauty grows.
And though she was the loveliest around,
She grew discontent because she found
That one of the flowers near her had grown,
Was plucked from where it had been sown
And taken to a different place
There set on a table, in a small glass vase.
Admired by the many passers by,
‘This would make me happy’, she sigh.
So more and more, she saddened each day,
Wishing to somehow be noticed that way.
And every time a person walked past
She’d put on a show, and the time came at last
When one who’d seen her flaunting about
Saw her beauty so plucked her out
Of the only ground that held her there.
Now her roots were destroyed; she felt naked and bare.
Is this what she’d wanted all along?
Would this give her pleasure or could she be wrong?
But finally what she longed for came;
They admired her beauty and now she had fame.
Though the only thing that kept her alive
Was the small glass vase and the water inside.
Slowly as the days went by,
Softly now the rose would cry.
Now to herself the rose would say,
"I wish I could only go back to that day.
Charm is deceptive and beauty is fleeting.
Now let me lie down ‘cause this rest I am needing."
The rose bent over with sorrow and grief,
Mourned for bright sunshine and the ground at her feet,
If only she'd been content and glad
She never would have done the things she had.
Now, said the rose, who was hardly alive,
To each seed dropping, one at a time
"You may one day grow to be a rose,
So learn now to be happy wherever life goes."

(***This poem was written this week by BlochHead-- Mamalion)


BLOCHhead said...

I wrote this poem to simbolize many girls who have spent their lives wishing for attention and for people to notice their beauty, instead of getting their security from God. When they do get what they wanted, it only leaves them feeling unsupported, and without "roots" or a solid ground to give them the srength that they need.

Anonymous said...

You should go into poetry if you really wrote that. Excellent!
Zach Caddy (The Neighbor Boy)